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Health Ministry Says Cause Of Hepatitis A Outbreak Is Due To Drinking Water Mixing With Sewage

The Department of Preventive Medicine of the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health issued a statement on Thursday on the outbreak of hepatitis A in some Lebanese regions, stating that after studying the epidemiological situation in areas that have recorded a notable increase in the number of Hepatitis A cases, it has been discovered that the outbreak is most likely caused by the deteriorating infrastructure in the said regions, which ultimately led to a mixing between drinking water and sewage.

“The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with local authorities, monitors the rehabilitation of infrastructure and the regular sterilization of water sources. The Ministry, in cooperation with international organizations, also organizes awareness seminars for the population on the ways to prevent the spread of disease. and ways to sterilize water using chlorine,” the statement read.

He also explained that the hepatitis A vaccine was not included in the national compulsory vaccination schedule, but was rather an optional vaccine.

“The Ministry of Health is currently seeking to provide this vaccine in cooperation with international organizations to combat similar outbreaks,” the statement added.

The ministry said it closely monitors the epidemiological situation of the disease on a daily basis, and in the past 24 hours, the epidemic has registered a decrease in the number of cases.