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HC orders personal appearance of Ministry of Health Secretary – The New Indian Express

By Express press service

CUTTACK: The legal battle over erroneous Covid-19 vaccine certificates issued to two elderly people has taken a new turn as the Orissa High Court ordered the personal appearance of the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Welfare family.

Judge Biswanath Rath’s single-judge bench on Wednesday asked the senior official to appear before his court in person on April 5 and “to inform the court of the hardships faced by the citizens of the state and the extent of the courts that he must undertake”. .”

The legal battle had ensued with Narendra Kumar Das (68) and Tulasi Swain (66) seeking judicial intervention over the difficulties encountered for the incorrect recording of the date of vaccination as well as the vaccination center.

Both have been deprived of booster doses as it requires a particular time interval prescribed by the Indian government. Attorney Sushanta Kumar Dash pleaded on behalf of the petitioners. However, the booster dose was given to them immediately after the court intervention. But their battle continued as they did not receive proper vaccination certificates.

The competent authority refused to correct the name of the center in which the petitioners were vaccinated. Further, in an affidavit responding to court questions, the Deputy Director of the Department of Health and Family Welfare stated that there was no provision to update/correct the vaccination date or center. of vaccination on the vaccination certificate. There is also no provision for late entry of vaccination data, according to the affidavit.

The court took note of this as it found that “the department of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare tries to avoid correcting vaccination certificates” and “despite several opportunities, the appropriate department does not show appropriate response compelling several adjournments of such a serious question”.

Judge Rath said: ‘Finding the central government does not take responsibility and, as this court finds, the citizens of the country are going to face serious health risks for the improper issuance of a vaccination certificate. This tribunal finds it appropriate to hear the views of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India in this regard.

“The vaccination certificate has a purpose and it has a number of implications. This has a serious bearing on the subsequent treatment of each vaccinated person and unless the person has received both doses and/or a single dose, receives an appropriate vaccination certificate, there is a risk of serious risks for the health of the citizens of the country, ”judges Rath still observed.