Ministry matters

Foreign Ministry issues defensive response to Jordanian incitement on Temple Mount | The Jewish Press – | Hana Levi Julian | 18 Nisan 5782 – 18 April 2022

Photo credit: Olivier Fitoussi / Flash 90

Yair Lapid, Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry issued a defensive response Monday night in response to Israel’s envoy’s summons to Amman for a reprimand earlier in the day as his government and lawmakers simultaneously and openly incited more violence Arab on the Temple Mount.

“The summoning of Israel’s Deputy Chief of Mission to the Jordanian Foreign Ministry and the statement of the Jordanian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson following said meeting, undermine efforts to restore calm to Jerusalem and bring support for those who undermine the sanctity of the holidays and use violence that endangers the lives of Muslims and Jews,” the Israeli Foreign Ministry said.

The lengthy statement listing Israeli actions aimed at ending the spate of violence related to Islam’s holy month of Ramadan may have been aimed at Tuesday’s emergency session of the United Nations Security Council on the issue.

“We call on everyone to assist Israel in its efforts to bring calm to Jerusalem and allow freedom of worship on the Temple Mount.”

The State of Israel is committed and “acts tirelessly to guarantee the freedom of religion and worship of Jews, Muslims and Christians in Jerusalem on normal days and holidays, and certainly in this period when Passover, Ramadan and Easter converge,” the ministry said.

“Israel’s responsible management of the Temple Mount in recent weeks is indicative of this consistent policy and Israel’s determination to implement it.

“In recent weeks, the Israeli police have acted responsibly, with restraint and discretion in the face of several dozen rioters who, by their actions, desecrate the values ​​of Islam and the sanctity of the Mount. The actions of the Israeli police, including last Friday, are what enabled tens of thousands of Muslim believers to pray. Such activity only occurred after exhaustion of all other means, including intensive dialogue with the Waqf.

“Any responsible partner must recognize this and not participate in the dissemination of completely false information which only poisons the atmosphere. Statements supporting violent actions, including stone-throwing, are beyond belief and contribute to escalation.

“Israel maintains the status quo and expects all its partners to condemn extremists who participate in incitement and violence,” the statement said.