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Electricity Ministry hits highest output in Iraq’s history

Baghdad ( – The Ministry of Electricity announced on Saturday that it has achieved an unprecedented level of electricity production and high stability in the supply of electricity to citizens, according to the statement from the Ministry of Electricity quoted by the Iraqi news agency ( IN A).

“Despite the security, economic and financial challenges and declining gas supply, and despite the pandemic in which the Ministry of Health was the first line of defense, the Ministry of Electricity worked tirelessly to provide its services citizens,” said the statement from the Ministry of Electricity mentioned.

“Through coordination with the central government and strong support from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, the Ministry of Electricity continues its work to increase electricity generation to sufficiently serve Iraqi citizens,” the statement added.

The Iraqi ministry, in the statement, said that its power generation has reached 23.258 megawatts, the highest level reached since the date of its establishment, and that the electricity it produces is very stable.

The statement explained that if the financial support were available, the ministry would have proceeded with the implementation of the short cap of the ministry’s plan within one year, which would add seven thousand new megawatts.

The statement revealed that the next few days will see an increase in power generation after new power plants come on stream.

The ministry pointed out that the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity is continuing the development of existing gas-fired power plants by adding cooling systems, and is working on other projects such as solar power plants, waste recycling and energy projects. electrical interconnection, which will achieve high reliability and stability of the electrical network.