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Election Commission informed of the Covid situation in the country: Union Ministry of Health: The Tribune India

New Delhi, January 7

The government on Friday called media reports that the Union Health Ministry suggested to the electoral commission that there was no reason to “alarm or worry in view of the very small number of Omicron cases in election-related states. “

“These reports have a very strong tendency to launch a disinformation campaign in the midst of a pandemic,” the Union Health Ministry said in a statement.

“Some media reports suggest that the Union Health Ministry at a meeting with the Election Commission of India (ECI) yesterday suggested that the” Covid situation in the country has nothing to do with fear “and” there is no cause for alarm or concern given very few cases of Omicron in the states linked to the poll. ” Such reports are very misinformed, misleading and far from the truth, ”the ministry said. The Union Health Secretary, in his meeting with the ECI on Thursday, presented the global and national state of the spread of Covid, as well as Omicron, in the country.

Details were also presented on the state of preparedness of the public health response within states for the control and management of the growing number of Covid cases, the statement said.

The presentation focused on states linked to the polls and their neighboring states, he added. PTI