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education ministry officials move from Tartu to Tallinn | News

In the old Tartu town hall building, there are three computer stations for teleworking in the public sector. On Tuesday, these places were empty. However, on the same floor there were several employees of the Ministry of Finance including the regional administrative adviser Sulev Valner.

“Being in Tartu doesn’t interrupt anything. I worked from Võrumaa, Haanja (South Estonia) and I was also able to work for the ministry this way,” said Valner.

Valner said that although the work can be done in all cities, most of his colleagues are in Tallinn.

The Ministry of Education offers the possibility of working in both cities. However, the share in Tallinn has increased over the years – if in 2017 two-thirds of the ministry worked in Tartu, now people are more or less evenly distributed. Almost everyone has moved to Tallinn, including the spokespersons.

“They were certainly chosen not because of their location, but because of their knowledge and skills. We certainly don’t have a plan or belief to hire someone in a certain location, most offers of employment have the defined location Tartu or Tallinn ”, the Vice-Chancellor of the Ministry of Education and Research, Pärt Eo-Rannap.

Tõnis Lukas, who brought the main building of the Education Ministry to Tartu 20 years ago, said the employees must be searched in Tartu. The government’s action plan also includes the transfer of state-paid places out of Tallinn. Lukas said the state should take specific steps to achieve this goal.

“In the future civil servants should be hired in Tartu, because in fact it is clear that if things are allowed to move more people will end up being sucked into a place where there are more people, more people. resources. But it is of great value if there is a skilled and competent workforce outside the capital, ”said Lukas.

Valner also acknowledged that in the absence of structural changes, leadership positions will be concentrated in the capital.

“If there is a constant need to be present at certain meetings, and to be really present, that creates certain geographic needs,” said Valner.

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