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Dominica: the Ministry of Tourism is delighted with the successful hosting of the B2B forum

Dominica: the Ministry of Tourism is delighted with the successful hosting of the B2B forum

Roseau, Dominica: The first annual business-to-business forum hosted by the Department of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Insiders of the Commonwealth of Dominica remained a great success.

While welcoming the successful hosting of the Forum, the Ministry of Tourism said that B2B has established itself as one of the perfect platforms to strengthen local businesses.

They noted, “Our first Annual B2B Forum was a great success! MSMEs from Nature Island, Dominica had the opportunity to forge partnerships and grow their network for two days. »

Along with this, the ministry said the Goodwill Church Hall was filled with creative and talented MSMEs showcasing their unique products to investors, vendors, hotels, supermarkets and new markets. They also received relevant information to advance mobility from the discussions of the strategic think tank.

The ministry has shared the photos of this momentous occasion which are posted below. They labeled the different companies.

They mentioned in the statement: “Feel free to share your views on their unique products!”

“We will see them again soon at the Ti Village Créole – Tout Biteh Dominique, where all the local products will be exhibited!

On the other hand day 1 and day 2 the largest business to business forum in Dominica was amazing, they invited and supported all the vendors, and at the Goodwill Parish Hall they had a great turnout of small business owners talented with their products. and services exposed.

Plus, there was Burna Boy drink from Tina’s Punch, French Honey from Bee API, Zooti Oil from Jaydee’s Naturals and more.

The Ministry of Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Insiders shared a preview of the B2B Forum Day 1 and Day 2.

The form has been opened to businesses across multiple sectors, including agri-tourism, health and wellness manufacturing, agri-processing/manufacturing, creative industry, as well as app development. and software to support the above sectors.

Benefits for Service Providers and Producers:-

A chance to advertise, promote and present your products or services to the appropriate audience.

The benefits for hotel owners, investors, vendors, restaurants and retailers are:-

A chance to discover new and developing items and enjoy distinctive local products.