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Croatia rejects Serbian Interior Ministry’s reaction as inappropriate

ZAGREB, January 7, 2022 – The Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs on Friday condemned the Serbian Interior Ministry’s criticism of Prime Minister Andrej Plenković’s comments on the search for a young Croat missing in Belgrade A week ago.

The Serbian Interior Ministry said on Thursday it was not surprised that “Plenković has no respect for the work of the Serbian police”. He called on the Croatian prime minister “to show respect for the family of the missing person”, adding that he was only hampering the work of the Serbian police “with his absurd comments on the disappearance of the young man, a visitor to Belgrade “.

His reaction came after Plenković said that “it is not at all important what (Serbian interior minister) Mr Vulin said” and that he was only interested in full information. on the disappearance of the young man.

Defending Plenković, the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry said: “It is our common priority to shed light on the fate of the missing Matej Periša and to obtain full information on the sequence of events, and this is the only meaning of the Prime Minister’s statement. . “

“The Serbian Interior Ministry’s allegations that the Croatian authorities obstruct the work of the Serbian police during the search are counterproductive and unfounded and have no basis in the words of the Croatian prime minister,” the ministry said Croatian, adding that Plenković called for further research and underlined the contribution of all services involved in this effort.

Noting that the Serbian ministry’s reaction was “unnecessary and inexplicable”, the Croatian ministry stressed that the Croatian prime minister had only declared that “only official information on the results of the research” was important, rather than anyone’s statements. a, it doesn’t matter who made them, and that “any well-meaning person can figure that out.”

The reaction of the Serbian ministry was all the more “surprising” as in his speech at the Christmas reception given by the Serbian National Council in Zagreb, Plenković stressed that “the Croatian government will persist in the policy of dialogue and peace. and the inclusion of ethnic minorities in Croatia while looking to the future and cooperating with Serbia on all open issues, ”said the Croatian ministry.

She expressed the hope that the good cooperation between the police forces of the two countries would continue in the present case in order to shed light on the fate of the missing Croatian national.