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COVID-19: Health Ministry denies reports of vaccine shortage in Maharashtra

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has categorically denied media reports of a coronavirus vaccine shortage in Maharashtra. The Union Department of Health called the information ‘misinformed and incorrect’.

“The media reports are not factually correct and do not reflect the correct picture of the available stockpile of remaining and unused COVID vaccine doses with Maharashtra,” the health ministry said in its statement.

The Ministry of Health also clarified that according to reports available today, Maharashtra has around 24 lakh of unused doses of Covaxin and the central government has sent 6.35 lakh of additional doses today.

The ministry also explained that based on weekly state consumption data on Co-WIN, the average maximum Indian state consumption is around 2.94 lakh doses per day. The Department of Health added that the state has adequate vaccine doses for approximately 10 days to cover eligible recipients with Covaxin.

He further explained that for Covishield, the state has 1.24 crore of unused and balance doses to date. With an average consumption of 3.57 lakh per day, it will last for more than 30 days.

During this time, the Center has provided over 157.50 crore of vaccine doses to states and/or union territories through the free channel as well as the direct state procurement category. States and Union Territories have over 15.17 crores balance and unused COVID-19 vaccine doses to administer.

“As part of the nationwide vaccination campaign, the Government of India has been supporting states and UTs by providing free COVID vaccines. In the new phase of the universalization of the COVID vaccination campaign, the Union government will purchase and supply (free of charge) 75% of the vaccines produced by the vaccine manufacturers in the country to the States and UTs,” explained the Ministry.

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