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Bandar Kuching rep says MOH should phase out MySejahtera registration

Bandar Kuching MP Dr. Kelvin Yii

KUCHING (March 30): The Federal Government and the Ministry of Health should begin phasing out the need for the public to “check in” on their MySejahtera mobile app when entering a premises, the Bandar MP has said. Kuching, Dr. Kelvin Yii.

He said the country had reached the endemic stage and society needed to learn to live with Covid-19, especially given the government’s plan to open borders and reduce Covid-19 restrictions.

“The main purpose of the ‘registration’ function was contact tracing and that was important in times when our strategy was containment and even mitigation.”

“However, now that standard operating procedures (SOPs) are changed by the Ministry of Health where quarantine is no longer required for close contacts and the testing strategy is only for symptomatics, the ‘registration’ function has little of epidemiological value,” said Dr Yii.

The MP for Bandar Kuching said millions of Malaysians had strictly complied with the government’s directive to ‘register’ through their MySejahtera app and many had even been fined thousands of ringgits for not have done it.

“But how many cases have actually been detected and the public informed through this alleged ‘registration’ contact tracing function under MySejahtera?” He asked.

Thus, Dr Yii called on the government to clarify the statistics and the percentage of cases detected through the MySejahtera contact tracing mechanism.

“Also with this, it helps to address some of the concerns that the public may have around data privacy and data ownership, as this ‘registration’ or ‘surveillance’ data is no longer entered into the application.”

He said the government must clarify all public concerns raised and allow issues related to the MySejahtera app to be reviewed by an independent commission to ensure the strictest governance.

However, Dr Yii pointed out that MySejahtera may still have a role to play in the future, especially in dealing with the pandemic.

“These contact tracing features could be enhanced in anticipation of future pandemics and only reactivated when the time is right to ensure that we no longer fall behind in controlling the spread of any infectious disease.”

He said the MySejahtera app could be converted into a “green pass system”, where only people with green status on the app are allowed to carry out authorized activities stipulated by the government.

“So all we have to do is show it to the authorities at any entry point to get in rather than scan the QR codes.”

“If necessary, the authorities may scan our QR code randomly to verify the authenticity of our vaccination certificate or even the test result from time to time for surveillance and enforcement activities,” Dr. Yii said.

He added that the authenticity of the vaccination certificate in the MySejahtera app can be better protected by using blockchain technology.

“So as we move into endemicity, our strategy needs to change and the different government demands need to be backed up with data and science and added epidemiological value.”

Dr. Yii strongly believes that the government should phase out the ‘registration’ feature of MySejahtera and reallocate the additional investment that has been earmarked for upgrading the app to increase the capacity of the country’s healthcare system. in place.