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Azerbaijani Ministry of Labor launches new subsystem [PHOTO]

May 6, 2022 11:00 (UTC+04:00)


Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Labor and Social Security has launched the “Labour and Employment” subsystem, the ministry reported.

It was noted that the subsystem provides the transition to a new important stage of reforms in the field of labor and employment.

During the press conference, Deputy Minister Anar Aliyev pointed out that the radical social reforms carried out on the instructions of President Ilham Aliyev also cover the field of labor and employment.

He noted that a number of projects have been implemented to transfer employment and management services in this area to an electronic format, against the background of the widespread introduction of innovative solutions, in recent years in Azerbaijan. .

“Today, with the commissioning of the subsystem of labor relations and employment, Azerbaijan enters a new and important stage of reforms in the field of labor and employment. The introduction of a new subsystem provides for fundamental changes in labor relations,” Aliyev said.

In addition, he added that this subsystem forms a single platform for labor relations for all employers and employees, a serious new mechanism to support labor market participants.

According to him, the conclusion of employment contracts is not carried out on paper, but in electronic form, using this subsystem, the transition to digital personal files and the digitization of other paper transactions carried out within the framework working relationships.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Board of the National Employment Agency, Mustafa Abbasbayli, said the Labor Relations and Employment system will contribute to more flexible and convenient execution by employers of their work. on personnel matters.

“It will be possible to prepare various types of orders, including for the conclusion of employment contracts in electronic form, the performance of operations under contract, the electronic signing of contracts,” Abbasbayli added.

Later, he noted that about 100,000 job offers will be collected in the real-time subsystem, which will help unemployed people find jobs.

Subsequently, the President added that there will be new possibilities for finding personnel thanks to the new subsystem, which will offer a new approach to the training of human resources.

He noted that thanks to this subsystem, in the future, the possibility of errors on the part of employers and violations of workers’ rights will be minimized.

“As a result, the number of physical checks will be reduced. Based on the collected data, we can analyze the labor market in the future,” Abbasbayli added.

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