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Amazon’s Bezos Asks ‘Ministry of Truth’ to Fact-Check Biden for Inflation Remarks

The Amazon founder accused US President Joe Biden of “misdirection” when he responded to the latter’s tweet that said inflation could be managed if wealthy corporations paid “their fair share” of taxes.

Biden tweeted on Friday: “Want to lower inflation? Let’s make sure the wealthiest companies pay their fair share.

The tweet didn’t receive good reactions from several Twitter users, but Bezos said the tweet should be reviewed by the Biden administration’s recently formed Disinformation Council. “The newly created disinformation council should look into this tweet, or perhaps they should form a new, non-sequential council instead. Raising corporate taxes is a good thing to discuss. It is essential to discuss the control of inflation. Bringing them together is just wrong direction,” Bezos said in a tweet.

Amazon is often criticized for not paying enough federal taxes, despite its size. The US political establishment is also casting Bezos as the beacon child of “income inequality”. However, Bezos’ tweet indicates that he was not prepared to put up with inflation, even though he was not directly criticized or targeted in Biden’s tweets. The company paid $3.7 billion in US taxes in 2021 on global revenue of $469 billion.

Bezos’ reaction to Biden’s comment came on a day when the Amazon founder was interacting with other Twitter users on several topics.

Inflation is hurting Americans, and the Biden administration, including the president himself, has blamed Russia’s war on Ukraine for the recent pains American citizens are experiencing. Biden called the inflation “Putin’s price hike.”

The Biden administration announced a $500 million federal investment in fertilizer production and collaboration with the G7 to increase global fertilizer supply. Biden has said reducing inflation is his top economic priority.

Inflation in the United States has led to price spikes in housing, groceries, airfares and the purchase of new vehicles. The US Department of Labor temporarily eased Biden’s woes as consumer price index (CPI) data slowed slightly in April, jumping 8.3% from April 2021, signaling that the US inflation slowed in April. Despite this, many US citizens are seeing their pockets empty faster once they have paid rent and purchased essential groceries.

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