Ministry matters

7 good reasons not to quit

These days, more church workers than ever are wondering why stay in youth ministry (or any other type of ministry). If that’s you, read these encouraging words from evangelist Greg Stier!

Youth ministry can be very rewarding and very daunting…sometimes all in the space of an hour. Helicopter parents, apathetic teenagers, and church leaders rolling their eyes and wiggling their fingers can all combine to become a slow-moving vortex of depression bubbling deep within the soul of the average youth leader.

You ask yourself why stay in youth ministry? Why stay in such a low paid and pressured position? Why not escape to get a “real job” in the ministry, a job where you are loved and respected? And where is the salary higher than that of a typical barista?

7 Compelling Reasons: Why Stay in Youth Ministry

1. Teenagers come to Christ faster than adults.

According to Barna, two out of three people put their faith in Jesus by the age of 18. After that, the chances decrease. In the words of my grandfather, “Get the gettin’ while the gettin’ is good.” And salvation is good before the age of 18

2. Teens spread the gospel faster than adults.

Because the average teenager has well over 400 online and face-to-face friends, he has a huge (and growing) opportunity to share the gospel like no generation before him. Gen Z, the nickname for today’s teens, is filled with “digital natives.”

They are so called because they have never known an era without digital devices and social media. As a result, they have an unprecedented opportunity to accelerate the spread of good news through their many social media channels.

3. Teenagers are bold.

Part of the reason teens get into trouble so often is that their brains aren’t fully developed yet! The part of the brain that signals “DANGER!” DON’T ! is not fully operational. Believe it or not, this can be an advantage when it comes to getting teens to live out the cause of Christ (Matthew 28:18-20)! Children will do and try things (good and bad) that adults would never dare. So let’s use this to our advantage and mobilize them to Evangelize their world!

4. Teens learn fast.

Generation Z is a multitasking team that learns quickly. Children love to collect information and use it for important causes. Because no cause is greater than the gospel, let the teens advance this!