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30 child abuse cases reported in April alone: ​​Gender Ministry

The Department of Gender, Family and Social Services received 30 child abuse cases in April alone.

The ministry recently released statistics for the month of April, revealing that the authority received and processed a total of 184 abuse cases in April.

These include cases of violence against children, family problems, behavioral problems, gender-based violence, domestic violence, care and support problems, violations of children’s rights, children in conflict with the law, children in state care, reintegrated and foster children as well as suicidal behavior and cases of self-harm.

Of the 103 cases of violence against children, 60 victims were girls and 43 boys.

30 of the 103 child abuse cases were sexual abuse, 29 physical abuse, 10 emotional abuse, 16 neglect, four exploitation and 14 children who witnessed domestic violence.

21 cases involved family issues, of which 13 victims were identified as girls and 8 as boys. These included 10 parenting issues and 11 custody and right to meet issues.

Of the cases related to gender-based violence and domestic violence reported in April, the majority involved physical violence and abuse against children. 17 of 31 victims of domestic and gender-based violence experienced physical violence and abuse, with seven children victims of bullying and four children victims of emotional and verbal abuse.

In April, a child was allegedly bullied.

Another child was the victim of violence and sexual abuse, and a victim of rape was also reported.

Of the 31 victims of gender-based and domestic violence, 27 were girls and four were boys.

The ministry also reported four cases of behavioral problems, including two children who ran away from home and two who threw tantrums. Among them, two girls and two boys.

Throughout April, 11 cases of care and support for the elderly and disabled were also reported. Among them, five women and six men.

Nine disabled people and two elderly people were deprived of their rights to care and support.

In addition, the ministry also received four cases of child rights violations where children were deprived of their right to drinking water and electricity. They were two girls and two boys.

In April, seven cases of self-harm and suicidal behavior were also reported to authorities. These included two girls with suicidal thoughts, one girl who exhibited suicidal behavior, three girls and one boy who had harmed themselves.

Statistics continue to show that 201 children were in state care as of the end of April 2022, with two children reunited with families and three in state care. Children in state care at the end of the month were 112 boys and 89 girls, with two girls and one boy in state care and one boy and one girl reunited with their families.

Also in a related case, three children also allegedly broke the law, including a girl and two boys.

These included a case of physical assault, assault and two other unlawful acts.